Well Done Beef Steak, Sir? Let Me Change Your Mind


This is quite a weird topic for my first article on this blog, someone might think, but not too weird if you know that well done beef steaks are the cause of most of my frustrations as a chef in Indonesia (the number 2 is the crazy abuse of Sambal in every kind of food, from pizza to dessert ,which will appear in an article in the near future).

As a Tuscan guy, born and raised on the sweet green hills of that amazing part of Italy, my idea of a steak is a big cut of beef, with a heavy bone, thick, juicy and, most important rare, tender and red inside. In Tuscany, the homeland of the T-Bone steak (we call it Fiorentina steak, that is different from the football club), we don’t even consider it a steak if it’s less than 1 kg and believe me, i have cooked some above 2 kg.

Left: dinner of a Tuscan guy. Right: dinner of 2 Tuscan guys.

See the size? Make it well done. It will take 1 hour. But that’s not the point.

Let’s say that you have a whole night to cook your steak, the time is none of your problem, although when you come to a restaurant you want to see your food on the table maximum 10 minutes after you ordered it, but still, there are many other reasons why you should have your steak from medium below.

Unfortunately (for me), Indonesians order their beef well done. No matter if you try to explain them that it’s gonna be tough, no matter if you tell them it’s gonna take time… They insist. It must be well done.

In my experience in this amazing country i can say that the 70% of the steaks i grill in my kitchen are well done, the 20% medium well and the rest 10% between medium and medium rare (where did i get these numbers? Of course i never counted lah! I’m just making a rough estimation but it’s not far from the real). The few rare steaks i cook, maybe 1 out of 40, will most probably finish their journey into the tummy of a bule (a white dude, for whom is not familiar with this word).

Everytime i asked to some indonesian fella why he gets his steak well done the answers are always the same:

– Because of hygiene

– Because i don’t like to see the blood inside

– Because inside the meat there are many bacterias and you need to cook it well done to kill them all

– I like it more well done

– “You know, orang Indonesia (indonesian people) have a different stomach than a bule, we must eat the beef well done or we feel dizzy, we have stomachache and diarrea until we throw up and get sick. It happened to a friend of mine, demi Allah!”

I don’t understand any of these points. I know that here in Indonesia, since you are a kid, everybody tells you that you have to cook your food well done because of the above reasons. It’s a mind set, something indonesians have in their DNA from a long time ago. It’s a part of indonesian’s inheritance. Your parents probably told you that, your teachers as well, if you are indonesian. But now deal with this: I always have my steak “blue”, which is extremely rare, i often eat raw beef like carpaccio and tartare, in Italy i was used to eat raw pork as well  and i love it (don’t try this at home!), i eat raw fish when i get my sushi or sashimi and i’ve never had any problem.

This is how I eat my steak.

I should be dead by now. I would not have gone through the puberty, if eating rare or raw beef would be a risk or a hazard. The fact is that i’m here writing on this blog, still alive, i have never been sick in the last 3 years… It seems like i’m the living proof that a rare steak will not kill you.

Now let me destroy, one by one, the most common wrong facts that indonesians think about rare steaks:

It’s not hygienic. Wrong! The beef itself doesn’t contain dangerous contaminations and doesn’t give hospitality to any hygienic hazard. Maybe the environment where the beef is slaughtered and processed could, but not the beef itself. Every cow, before they peacefully pass away to be hosted on your table, go through a lot of rigid controls by veterinarians that will certify that it’s ready to be slaughtered (what a lucky son of a bitch, uh?). Then the same veterinarians check every cut of beef to certify again that it’s healthy, that it doesn’t present any hazard and it can be send to the supermarket’s shelves. If you buy beef from Australia, USA, Japan or Europe you have nothing to worry about, it’s certified and it respect every severe standard of hygiene. Then if you farm the cows yourself in your kampung and you slaughter them with your bare hands without any control… Well it’s your risk. But if you go to a trusted restaurant and they tell you that the beef is imported, it doesn’t come from the black market and the source is trustable, no need to worry about hygienic issues.

I don’t like to see the blood inside. Wrong!

This might shock you but… The red colour of the beef is not blood. It’s caused by a protein which name is myoglobin. The myoglobin links the iron and in presence of oxygen it gets a nice red colour. What you see when you look at a raw red piece of beef is not blood, otherwise why is it not leaking everywhere? The red colour of the blood and the colour of the raw beef are the same because of the same reason, but when you eat a rare steak the red stuff you see it’s not because it contains blood, it’s just muscle fibers, proteins, which happen to be red.

Inside the meat there are bacterias which needs to be wiped out by a long and massive quantity of heat or maybe a nuclear weapon. Wrong!

Inside the meat there are not dangerous bacterias, if the meat has been controlled by veterinarians and judged suitable for your table (and in the restaurants all the beef is like that). As i said before, you have to trust the source, and i do that. It’s possible that the meat hosts some bacterias on the surface because of crossed contamination with the environment, but the surface will be cooked anyway. The bacterias, if present, comes from outside, from a wrong handling process of the meat, not from inside the meat. If we go to the warung and we order a sate padang, yes, maybe better to get it well done, because of the absolute lack of hygiene of those places and the uncertain origin of the meat. But still, you might have your sate well done but then feel sick anyway because they serve it to you on dirty plates, “washed” in a bucket filled with dirty water which is changed 2 times a day. Then the frame of rats and cockroaches is not helping. I’m quite sure that the people who order a well done steak at my restaurant have been to the warung at least once in a lifetime, or maybe every week. Ya? Ya? Ya?

Left: veterinarian checking up on a cow. Right: expression of that cow.

I like it more well done. Wrong!

Well, ok, as my latin ancestors said “de gustibus non disputandum est” which means “we can’t argue and discuss on the taste of the people”. Yes, everybody has his taste and everybody likes what they like. I agree. But in this case i can’t really believe that someone would prefer a tough, hard, dry, flavourless, chewy and black piece of coal rather than a juicy, tasty, tender and flavourful steak. When you cook a steak well done the fibers of the proteins become tough, it looses all the juice and the taste, it becomes hard to chew and the flavour vanishes. It happens that people buy an amazing cut of japanese wagyu then ask me to massacre it on the grill until it’s well done. Well, dude, don’t make a fool of yourself, don’t spend a million rupia for a piece of beef that, after the treatment you request, will taste and look like a cheap anonymous cut of who knows what from who knows where. It’s not only stupid, it’s an offense. I could grill two different cuts of beef: a grassfed japanese wagyu (1 million/kg) and a cambodian no brand beef (100 thousand/kg), both well done and you will not taste the difference. Then i challenge you in a blind taste with the same beef, the first time well done and the second medium. I’m sure you will not choose the well done.

Indonesians have a different stomach, we get sick if we eat rare beef, it happened to my friend demi Allah. Wrong!

Would you rather eat this or a medium steak?

Would you rather eat this or a medium steak?

Come on man, should i really talk about this point? This is kinda urban legend stuff. First of all the stomach of an indonesian is just like the stomach of a bule. If it happens to your friend maybe it was not because of the rare beef but because of the place where he got it or because he had too much sambal. Or because of masuk angin. I told you, i should have been dead by now. Come to my restaurant, get a rare steak, then if you feel sick i will reimburse you the meal  (please attach the medical certificate if you want to be reimbursed. I don’t accept certificates from massage therapists, i’m not that stupid).

I didn’t convince you yet. Next time you go to a restaurant and you feel like having a steak the imperative will be “Well done!”

Ok, take a look at this: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/ask-a-health-expert/medium-rare-or-well-done-which-kind-of-meat-is-healthier/article13040626/

You don’t trust in a medical research. So trust in Wikipedia and take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterocyclic_amine_formation_in_meat

You were too lazy to read all that stuff or you didn’t understand what they said? Let me explain you in few simple words.

When the proteins of the red meat are under a high temperature for a long time they change structure. They link to other molecules giving birth to a category of substances which are called HCAs. These HCAs are mutagens. No, you will not become an X-Men, they will not give you superpowers such as being able to see naked girls through their dresses or become invisible so that you can get into the women’s changing rooms (i don’t know why but i have always contemplated the advantage of having superpowers in terms of seeing naked girls) or take a trip with Transjakarta and find a seat available.


My friend Bambang and friends after eating a well done steak.

It has been scientifically proven that the consumption of well done beef increases the possibility to have a colon rectal cancer because the mutagens that are created when you cook the meat for long time at high temperature are much much more than in a rare or medium beef.

I’m not saying that it will happen. It will not happen, ok? But well done beef is for sure less healthy than medium or rare. Then the proteins contained in a well done beef are less in number and harder to digest.

This is why i get so frustrated over well done steaks: it’s less healthy, less tasty, tough and dry. It makes me waste a nice cut of beef, why should i select a good product if later it will taste like shit anyway? It’s stupid and it’s a waste of money. And all of this because of a wrong mind set and wrong beliefs.

Now keep having your beef well done but don’t tell me that i didn’t try to warn you. Come on man, give medium steak a chance, it’s worth it, believe me. I care of you.



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  1. dude.. you are my hero.. I die a little inside everytime my Indonesian family asks for medium-well steak at a fancy steakhouse with expensive meat.. wish they would read this and change their minds.. not very likely though.. 😛


      With your links you just confirmed what i said. You talk about Tenia, yes, Tenia or Tapeworm is a parasite, you can find it in the muscles of pigs (not so often in cows) who are the middle host. Then once you eat the “eggs” (is not really an egg but it’s not that easy to explain) who are in the meat, the parasite grows in your intestine. This happen in animals which are infected and as i said, if the beef comes from a trusted source, as the one that i eat and that is in every good restaurant, the cow doesn’t have Tenia and it’s safe to eat under that aspects. Veterinarians check the cows and the beef before they give you that to eat and you will not find Tenia in certified beef, believe me. I eat rare or raw since i was a kid, i have never had Tenia, or i’m very very lucky or maybe i’m right and what i say is just the truth.

      Then your links talk about E. Coli and Salmonella which are bacterias. The fact is that E. Coli and Salmonella doesn’t come from the meat but from the environment. E. Coli lives in dirty water, you can also find it in your salad (don’t tell me that you cook your salad well done) and in many other food. There’s a higher chance to find E. Coli on salad that on beef, actually, especially if you “wash” it with dirty water (E. Coli lives in the feces and you have it in your intestine already, believe me), the habitat of this bacteria. These bacterias are in the environment, not inside the beef, as i said in my article, and they are all around us. If the beef comes from a trusted source and it’s handled properly, it’s completely safe and your links just confirm that. Read them well. Read when it talks about ground beef, it says that in the process of mincing the beef the beef can be contaminated from the equipment that is used and the bacterias can go inside it. It’s called crossed contamination, when the food is contaminated by external objects, other food or equipment due to a wrong handling process. But the beef itself doesn’t have bacterias inside. Just like i said in the blog.

      I have studied a lot (not only cooking, i did 2 university in Italy, i have studied microbiology and zoology as well, i have studied genetic and chemistry), i know what i say, i know all these things, that’s why i feel i can write about that. I have studied all about that and what i say is just the fact and your links, actually just confirm it. The fact i’m alive and never had those problems confirms it. It’s a huge topic, i can’t explain all the bacterias, their habitat, the contaminations and all the rest, it’s not stuff for this blog, but i know that all and i can say that, if the meat comes from a certified source and it’s handled properly, you can easily enjoy your steak rare.


      • I’m Indo and coincidentally I’m studying to be a vet, so yeah what you said in the article is right about vet certifying the meat in inspections. Although I don’t think vets check every cut (it would be very labourious, time consuming and a waste of resources), they most probably check certain sites where parasites have predilection to be found in an animal’s body.
        There is a Taenia for cows: Taenia saginata (T. solium is pigs’), and it’s also transmissible to humans. About people eating raw meat and not getting infection from worms, is probably due to the farmer keeping up with regular drenching/deworming, and strict management (environment also plays a factor, and the fact of whether that particular parasite is actually endemic or not).

        And my personal experience with eating steak (I’m a big steak and ribs fan), is that I used to order well-done for the paranoid reasons you stated due to social influence. Now though, I eat both indiscriminately.

      • Hi Josephine, thanks for your comment.
        I actually don’t know 100% how it works in Indonesia. I’m sure that when the beef is certified, even in Indonesia, it’s checked by veterinarians and it is safe to eat, even rare. Then if they check every cut or not i don’t know. In Italy they do that and on every big cut there’s a stamp, in green food safe ink, which states that the beef has been checked and it’s safe. I think that in USA, Australia and Japan the certifications are severe like that.
        I do know, indeed, that when the beef is imported to Indonesia the government requires a lot of sanitary and hygienic certifications from the producer and the importer, very rigid and strict. It’s quite hard to import beef to Indonesia because of severe controls so i guess that they do the same for the certified beef produced inside the country.
        Of course all my article is about the certified beef, from trusted sources, the one you find in supermarket and good restaurants. Then what people do in their kampung… I don’t know.

        Yes, i know there’s a Tenia that parasites cows. Tenia can be found also in cats and dogs and many other animals, it’s a parasite, not just in cows and pigs. As i know the Tenia in pigs is more common, at least in Europe, but it’s something that you don’t have to worry about if the meat comes from a good source and it’s certified. Then, i have to be true, in my 33 years i have never got to know people who had Tenia, at least is not something so frequent and easy like someone might think. I never got it and i always eat beef rare or even raw (i do the same with pork, when i go to Italy).

        I hope you can enjoy a medium or even rare steak, as you are a fan of beef, and if you drop by my restaurant let me know. You know? When i was a kid i wanted to be a veterinarian then i changed my mind but i love what you do. Keep up and be proud of who you are.
        See you


    • Travelling opened your mind to a new experience, that’s why we love it. I know that in Indonesia people don’t feel safe about that but then with the experience you can change. I’m happy that now you are not afraid to have your beef medium or rare.
      Eating raw vegetables is healthy, there are a lot of vitamins, more than in cooked vegetables. We just have to be careful of what we eat, make sure it comes from a good source, then we can enjoy.

  2. so in Indonesia, the hygienics are the imported ones only? then wouldnt the local beef better be still cooked well done, sir?..

    • No no, i didn’t say that.
      Most of the beef you find in good restaurants in Indonesia is imported (and very expensive), unfortunately, because the breeds of local cows are not as good as some imported breeds, so most of the good restaurants decide to get the “import quality” beef.
      By the way there are many local brands in Indonesia that are good, they import the cows, especially from Australia, and they slaughter them in Indonesia after they grow them. If you buy a certified beef from Indonesia it is checked as well, like the import one, same certifications, and you don’t have to worry about. A good local brand is Santori, for example, and they also have a high end label which is very good.
      If you get your beef from the black market or from someone who farms the cows in a kampung without cares and controls… The risk is higher, but i would not worry anyway


  3. I totally agree with you.
    I was born and raised in Indonesia (although I spent 1 year studying in Australia).
    I never really liked to eat beef here in Indonesia, it’s though, rubbery, chewy, and the fiber would slip between my teeth.
    I thought it was caused by the nature of the beef itself, until few years ago when I watched a cooking show about steak and tried too make it medium rare, I was shocked.
    Beef had never been that good. I became a fan of beef ever since.
    Now, I love my steak rare.
    It surprises me how some of my friends and older relatives think my steak doneness preference as “taboo”,

    I have a barbeque party with my friends quite often, some of them return me the steak I cook and tell me it’s still bloody and undercooked, and that they want it to be cooked well, I tried to explain it to them but they always reply my with the reasons you mentioned above.

    Anyway, nice to meet you. I was always a fan of Italy, the food, the people, the language, especially the football. Maybe you can share some tuscan recipe here. I’ve tried some of them, like lampredotto and crostini toscani and I like them a lot.

    • Your comment opened my heart!
      I love to know people like you. It’s what i said in the blog, just try it medium or rare and you will see how good it is, compared to a well done one. We can understand it, some of your friends cannot, maybe you should show them the blog.

      You tried Lampredotto??? This shocks me. It’s not something so common, you find it only in Firenze and around the city. Happy you like it and i have to be true… For me it’s too hardcore, i don’t like it, but it’s in my culture.
      If you want to know how to do the chicken liver pate which is used in the Crostini Toscani, have a look at my Youtube channel, i did a video about that. I was used to have a cooking show in Yahoo Indonesia and you can find my videos also on Youtube, just search my name.
      By the way the link of the Crostini Toscani is below

      Let me know the results, comment and share if you like. Have a nice day and Forza Juventus!


      • Definitely will show them this blog, hopefully it will change their mind.

        Yes, I found it difficult to get Lampredotto at Italian restaurant, so I decided to make it myself. The ingredients are quite simple and it’s easy to make.

        Is there any good substitute for the liver? not everybody likes liver, including me.
        Perhaps chicken breast and butter would do fine?
        but, I will give it a try though. let’s hope this recipe will change my opinion about liver.

        I’ll tell you about the crostini as soon as I try it. Forza Inter!

      • I don’t like liver either but i love the chicken liver pate. It doesn’t taste like liver, i know, it’s weird to say but believe me, it is very good. I don’t like liver but i love that one. Give it a try.

        Forza Inter? Are you crazy? Maybe i should stop talking to you…


      • So, after weeks of preparing myself to eating liver. I finally made crostini toscani today, along with some bruschetta al pomodoro e basilico.
        The crostini toscani turned out quite well for the first 2 slices, and then the liver started to be too overwhelming so i had to stop there.
        The bruschetta are as nice as ever. Couldn’t have enough of the bruschetta al pomodoro.

        here’s a picture of them

      • I’m happy you finally tried the recipe. You need to get used to the flavour of the chicken liver pate, someone soon like it and someone find it weird and too strong. I love it, i eat it since i was a kid so for me it’s a bite of home.
        Thanks for your attention and i will make some new recipes soon on Yahoo and i will upload them in my Youtube channel as well… So keep following it and cooking.
        See you


    • I actually work in an italian restaurant in Plaza Senayan, the name is De Luca. I arrived there 1 month ago, i was in Singapore before. Soon i will change the menu and i will probably put also a nice big steak. So far we have sirloin and tenderloin. The tenderloin is great if you want to try it rare or medium rare. Let me know if you come. Bye


  4. and also their obsession with sauce, like lots of it. Steak is not a steak unless it’s well done and swimming in gravy, which sometimes mixed with sambal. i really dont understand, i suppose it’s a cultural thing right?

    • Exactly!
      I never put any sauce on my beef! Here it seems something mandatory, it seems like you can’t have a steak without sauce on it. Few days ago i went to a restaurant during my day off, i asked for a ribeye “blue” and without sauce, the waiter looked at me like i was an alien. Eheheh.
      In Italy it’s just salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Go to Italy and see, they will never give you sauces with your steaks, that’s more the american style which is more common in Indonesia.
      Thanks for the comment, i loved that


  5. PRECISELY… I’m indonesian and I never had Well done steak from my own plate.. And I’ll never ever have any plan to have my steak done more than Medium.. Where’s your restaurant Matt? I’ll drop by when I have chance…

    • Great to hear that, i’m proud of you, you are one of the few.
      My restaurant is De Luca, in Plaza Senayan (Jakarta). I just started to work there, if you’ll drop by let me know. Thanks


  6. Thanks for this article! I remember the first time I eat a medium steak, about 6 years ago i think. Since that, i can’t eat any steak if it isn’t rare

  7. Hi Matt,
    Would really love to try the steak that you grilled.
    Most restaurants don’t have the consistency when it comes to handling steak.
    Anyway, please update us if you done revamped the menu 😀

    • I think there are many good restaurants, even in Jakarta all around Indonesia, that serve nice steaks.
      At the end of march or beginning of april i will update the menu in my restaurants and i will also put big steaks. Drop by


  8. I will definitely eat a medium rare meat at your restaurant but not 99% of the restaurants in Indonesia.
    They wouldn’t know how to handle the meat like you do and not only that they don’t know how to cook them.
    I have to try your restaurant now though. Thanks for this post. 🙂

    • If i go to eat outside i feel free to order a rare steak. I think there are many restaurants in Jakarta that have good beef and they know how to cook it. But yes, come to my place, so we can meet. Thanks


  9. Hey Matt,

    My parents always scream when I told them I want a steak that is not well-done.
    I guess the notion that rare beef is unsafe is because of the state of most abattoirs in Indonesia and it’s pretty hard to believe that restaurants truthfully provide good beef. Proper handling (or hygienic slaughtering) of beef is pretty unheard of amongst most Indonesians.
    The sambal and gravy thing is definitely a cultural thing! 🙂

    • They scream? Eheheh!!! This is funny. Yes, people are still a bit scared here, it comes from old beliefs and mentality. It’s a cultural inheritance, as i said. The world changes. I would worry much more of other things rather than rare beef.


  10. Just make sure your meat is grass fed meat. if not the meat will contain too much Omega-6 and will make you sick because of inflammation and obesity.

  11. LOL, it is pretty common to find older people in Indonesia to have their steak well done. I lied to my mom once about how yukhoe (korean raw meat) and she liked it. However, once she knew that it is raw she would not touch it anymore.

    Medium so far suits me best, however I found some restaurant that cook the beef a little to well.

    • Yes, give someone a rare beef or even raw without telling them and they will love it. It’s typical. In a blind tasting they would love a rare steak. Then their mindset will make it a taboo after they know it.
      What can we do?


  12. Dude you are hilarious! I love your sarcasm! Oh, and THE TRUTH BE TOLD! I llloooveee having my steaks medium to medium rare! So where do you cook? I’d like to try one of your medium rare steaks. Cant wait!

  13. Next time I’m in Jakarta I will visit the restaurant for sure! I really love my beef to be rare, heck I even order my burgers rare whenever possible! Also I LOVE beef tartare! They should have more of these in Jakarta, though I’m not sure what the reception will be.

    • I was used to do beef tartare as special in my previous restaurant sometimes and… Indonesians don’t buy it. I sold it mostly to bule and… to myself. There are some restaurants in Jakarta where they serve beef tartare, i have tried some but they don’t do it properly. All i have tried are chopped by machine, like a minced beef, a fresh one, but still minced beef. A beef tartare MUST be chopped by knife, on a clean chopping board, then seasoned and served simple like that. I was used to do it myself, in my previous restaurant, with the knife and that’s the correct way to serve a tartare. Last week i went to a famous place in Kuningan, in Oakwood (maybe you understood the place), and i wanted to order the beef tartare from their menu but i asked the waitress if it’s chopped by machine or by knife. When she told me it was chopped by machine i switched to a “blue” sirloin. Chopped by machine is not good both for the consistence and for hygienic reasons.
      And by the way i also order my hamburger rare, when possible


  14. omgg I can totally relate to this!! some restaurants I ate at before even gave up on offering the customers doneness level under medium well :/

  15. Hei Matt, really like your thought on this and I share the same opinion as you. I am indonesian and I like my steak medium rare. I’d like to share your blog on my website (Indozones.com) if you permit it.

  16. Hai Matt i always order medium rare for my steaks, yesterday i got rare t-bone in Abuba , delicious. I will try De Luca ofcourse. Love your post, though my Mom n Husband will scream qkqkqk, anyway dou you have any recomendation place for tartare steak in Jakarta. Realy wanna try that since Mr Bean episode. Roaaawr… Heuheue

  17. Hai Matt i always order medium rare for my steaks, yesterday i got rare t-bone in Abuba , delicious. I will try De Luca ofcourse. Love your post, though my Mom n Husband will scream qkqkqk, anyway dou you have any recomendation place for tartare steak in Jakarta. Really wanna try that since Mr Bean episode. Roaaawr… Heuheue

    • Good girl! Keep eating your steal rare and let your friends and family scream. They don’t know how better it is and what they are missing.
      About the tartare… Every time i had one in Jakarta it was always below my expectations. So far i didn’t find a good place for tartare. I was used to make it as special in my previous restaurant, sometimes. Maybe i’ll do it in De Luca too but you know… It will not sell good. If you come to De Luca and you let me know before, i can arrange to make one for you. See you


      • Seriously? Thank you very much Matt. I appreciate it. For sure I’ll come to De Luca and will definitely email you before i come to De Luca. Anyway i told my bestfriend, Mira ( Rifacakes Bandung), about you, a nice ‘bule’ that will arrange tartare menu for me. I gave her this link and after she read your blog, she said, she is Lika’s friend. Wohoo…Heuheu..What a small world. Salam buat Lika ya Matt… 🙂

      • Hi! You let me know first, send me a message here or on twitter or fb or mail, the day before, and i will select the beef for you and prepare a beef tartare a la chef Matteo. Then i will make a portion for me too. Eheheh. The world is small, yes, funny to know that your friend is Lika’s friend. Take her to De Luca too, if she comes to Jakarta, so she can meet Lika as well. See you! Bye


  18. Eheheh aseek.. Okay i’ll tell Mira, hope she can come to De Luca too. Grazie Mille, Matt. A dopo..
    Uhukk. Eta teh milarian heula di kamus :p
    Nuhuun Matt & Lika


      • Hi Matt …. i’m going to meet some friends in Plaza Senayan this evening around 6 (without Mira, Lika’s friend). If you can give tartare steak i will come and dine there. But if it impossible i will eat tartare steak next time and message you one day before….Tkyou Matt 😊😊

      • I just received a fresh piece of tenderloin from USA. I already cut a piece out for your tartare. It’s waiting for you to eat it tonight

      • Akhirnyaa kemarin tanggal 2 Juni 2014 saya merasakan juga steak tartare buatan Chef Matteo Meacci.🙇 Kemarin ini ke PS ada acara reuni sebenarnya dengan teman teman jaman kuliah, baru diusulkan reuni di PS dan belum pasti dimananya. Tapi berhubung saat saya tanya, Chef bilang sore itu bisa bikinin saya steak tartare ( steak sapi cincang mentah yang dibumbui). Jadilah saya menghasut teman-teman saya untuk makan ke de Luca di Plaza Senayan saja.
        Cafe de Luca adalah restoran Itali yang kece, cool, cozy, fun ambience dan fully booked terus ya Chef, ramai teruss👍Terletak di P1 area parkiran cafe di Plaza Senayan. Sampai sana saya jam 5 sore baru berduaan saja dengan Luise teman saya dari Kuala Lumpur, teman lain 3 lagi belum terlihat batang hidungnya. Saya janjian sama Chef Matteo jam 6 sore, tapi biarlah jangan ganggu Matt, kita pesen panini dan minuman sambil merokok kayak kereta api dulu sambil menunggu 3 teman lagi yang belum datang kena macet parah. Ketika sudah ada empat orang Prayudi dan Sandi, barulah saya minta ketemuan Chef Matt hehe. Aww ternyata Chef Matteo very nice, friendly, ganteng, asik serta funny (Lika n Matt you are both lucky having each other 😀 ). Ngobrol ngobrol ketawa ketawa bareng ga lama Chef pamit ke dapur dan menu steak tartare yang sebenarnya ga ada di de Luca ini pun keluar (terharuuu pisannn, steak ini spesial buat saya). Langsung saya minta foto bareng sang Chef 😍😘😙. Steak tartare idaman yang saya nanti nantikan sejak episode Mr Bean French Resaturant ini pun bisa saya nikmati. Disajikan dengan cantik oleh Chef Mateo berbentuk 3 silinder cincangan sapi berbumbu dengan diatasnya ditabur serutan besar keju Itali (parmegiano atau keju apa ya itu Chef) plus tomat cherry, daun dill (if i’m not mistaken) dan mustad sauce disamping steaknya. Hmmmm yummiee..😍 Rasanya lezat, fresh, enak, segar tidak ada bau or amis sama sekali, ada sedikit a hint of tangy yang pas di mulut dan sepertinya ada olive oil ya chef kemarin. Endess booww, 😙 Ngunyahnya pelan pelan dinikmati hmm krenyes krenyes lezat. Puasss, i’m in heaven… die die must try this raw tartare steak ya guys 😀
        Dibuat dari tenderloin us prime beef kalau ga salah ya Chef? Saya makan sampai habis, dikeruk sampai ke dasar plate, di elap sisa daging dengan roti sampai tandas. Hahahaha . Teman teman yang sangat takut makan daging mentah aku paksa ikutan nyobain dan bisa ikut enjoy nyobain tuh akhirnya mereka. Rasanya kata teman teman ku yang typikal orang Indo penakut ama raw steak & selalu pesen well done = ga amis dan enak. Hhoree sukses ‘racunin’ teman2. Too bad Budut temen satu lagi datang terlambat ga sempat nyobain.
        What is the secret recipe Chef? My friends in Path also ask the recipe hehehe. I love it a lot. I will come back soon. Maybe with Mira ( remember Lika’s friend when they’re in female radio )
        Chef Matteo Meacci, thank you so much for your kindness 😙😘😚🙇🙏. I’ll come back to de Luca, and bring a gift for Lika 😙😘😚

        Sherry Andriani

      • Hi Sherry,
        thank you for coming last time, it was very nice to meet you and talk to you and your friends. Please send me a message (now you have my number) next time you want to come, you are my special guest now.
        I was so happy that someone wanted a beef tartare, it’s not in the menu and i never do it here as people don’t usually appreciate it, but i was glad to make it for you and so happy that you liked it.
        About the recipe: You are right, that was a US Prime beef tenderloin, a fresh cut just arrived to De Luca in the morning, so still very fresh and good for a tartare. The cheese was parmesan cheese from Italy and the herb was dill, correct.
        To make a beef tartare, if you want to share it with your friends, first of all you need a fresh and lean piece of beef. i used the tenderloin but you can also use other cuts, the important is that the meat is not too fat, then clean the fat before you chop the beef. It needs to be as lean as possible.
        So after you chop the beef (with a clean knife on a clean chopping board, don’t use any machine because of the risk of cross contaminations), you put the beef in a bowl and you season it with salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice (in your tartare i also added a touch of truffle oil to make it more tasty). Just like that. This is how i do it, very simple, only salt, black pepper, oil and lemon juice. Some chefs put onion or shallot inside, some people put dijon mustard or raw eggs or even mayonnaise… Well, i don’t like it, for me it changes too much the real taste of the beef and makes it too heavy to eat and digest. I like it as simple as possible.
        After you season the beef you just plate it as you like it. I put some cheese on the top as i like it, some cherry tomato, the dill and the mustard on the side, to complete the dish and decorate it, but that’s up to you and to the creativity of the chef.

        To make a tartare it takes 5-7 minutes, very fast and easy, and if you love raw beef it’s the best ever.
        I hope you enjoyed it as i enjoyed preparing it for you, hope to see you soon.
        Please post the picts, if you have them, and send me some of the picts we did together.
        Thanks for all


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